Savvidis Textiles

G. Savvidis Bros SA operates in the textile industry since 1968. The company is a well established corporation that maintains high quality standards and makes exclusive use of Greek cotton over all these years.

The history of the company begins in 1948 when Georgios Iosif Savvidis founded a small industry in Nea Ionia. A few years later his sons, Iosif and Kiriakos Savvidis, took over the company and expanded the production, by closing the factory in Nea Ionia and moving production to Antirio, Nafpaktos, where it is still located. The factory houses all stages of textile manufacturing process and produces high quality fabrics made of Greek cotton that the company purchases with care and consistency from Greek cotton mills.

The facilities of Savvidis Bros SA have changed over the years in order to conform to the EU directives, protect the environment and provide our partners with high quality products. For decades now, it produces a big variety of poplin, gauze (not for medical use) and gabardine ranging from 50gr. to 300 gr. per m2. The variety of products is not limited to the above. After all these years of experience in textile industry the company nowadays is able to produce a limited selection of home fabrics such as bed sheets, Cabot, curtains and traditional and modern bedspreads.

Savvidis Bros SA is part of the Greek textile industry heritage and employs a highly trained and experienced staff that ensures quality products and services.

Address: 55 D. Solomou Str., 144 51 Metamorfosi, Greece
Tel: +30210 2797939 | Fax: +30210 2757900

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